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3 effective ways to find b2b clients

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out ways to find b2b clients in the ever-connected and well-networked digital world. With business owners being a message away from signing big deals, it’s easy to think all the businesses you could work with are gone!

But that isn’t true. We have recently been experimenting with some well-known, and not so well known, ways to find b2b clients. We put them all together into this short article to give you our best advice when it comes to finding your next big business client.

LinkedIn: of course!

LinkedIn: It’s made for business professionals, so it’s the best place to find and reach out to business owners.

We sing praise when it comes to LinkedIn constantly, and there are great reasons for it. Even if you don’t use their platform to message or directly communicate with potential clients, it is a fantastic place to find these leads and find contact details such as phone numbers or emails.

The way we use LinkedIn is using their sales navigator, which is simply the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to find leads and clients.

Utilizing Instagram

Loads of businesses don’t have a website or a LinkedIn profile but will have an Instagram account. 25% of businesses we work with had an Instagram page for their business before a Facebook page.

Instagram is simple, and quite effective when it comes to finding businesses to work with too! We leveraged hashtag and location searches to find business accounts within specific niches in locations we are working in.

As a result, we ended up landing 5 clients within one week using just Instagram!

Networking in Facebook groups

While not obvious, there is plenty of local business groups on Facebook where you can interact and meet business owners and potential clients.

On Facebook, there are a huge number of groups for small businesses, or self-employed, which you could join and easily find new clients.

The trick is not to be a salesperson. Rather, join these groups, network, and deliver value. Before you know it, you will be the figure of authority in your niche, and clients will land to you.

Conclusion: ways to find b2b clients

We wanted to keep this article super short and straight to the point, to make sure you can quickly give it a read and get to work!

What do you think? Did you learn any new ways to find b2b clients for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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